Fantastic pre-owned cars in Montclair

Used cars in Montclair

Whether you are a fast time car buyer, want to change your car or simply add one more car for your family, So Cal Motors is the ultimate place where you can get the best used cars in Montclair at affordable prices.

Being a family-owned business, it is a company you can trust and enjoy doing business with. There are many benefits of doing business with a family-owned business when buying a pre-owned car. The motorcycles industry is complex and sometimes it is not easy to identify a legit car seller. There are thousands of people who have issues with their cars because they bought them from dishonest sellers.  Some have cars that have been listed as stolen items, others have cars that are on loans and it becomes difficult when such cases arise after the transfer has been done. Sometimes it becomes difficult to trace the seller, especially when your car is shipped and the business is closed.

Used cars in Montclair

However, when you buy your car from a family-owned business, is safe because the business owners are well known and they cannot run away from responsibility. So Cal Motors is family owned and when you buy your car from them you rest assured that you get your car with utmost transparency and honesty.  The cars are well listed on the website and you can view what is there before making an inquiry. Many dealers run websites and avoid disclosing the price to the public. However used cars in Montclair, has all the prices listed alongside the cars on their website.  There are no hidden costs either. What you see is what you pay for your car.

Buying a pre-owned car is a strategy to save some money. Did you know that the cost of buying a pre-owned car is half that of buying a brand new car? You can afford two used cars at the cost of buying one single brand new car. Why spend extravagantly when you can save money for your future investment. In many cases used cars have a subtle difference from brand new cars and sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference.  Besides saving cash, when you buy a pre-owned car from So Cal Motors you get numerous benefits such as;

  • Transparent transactions with no hidden costs
  • Wide variety of cars to choose from
  • Free home delivery for the first 50 miles

Just like other products, now you can have your car delivered home free. This is a service that most car dealers don’t offer to their customers. When the customers are paying for the car, they are charged a shipping fee which is high. However, when you buy your car from So Cal Motors, you stand a chance to have free home delivery.