How to care for your car’s brake system

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Brakes are an important part of a vehicle. Brakes help in stopping or slowing down a moving vehicle and hence, it is the most primary and the most important safety system of any vehicle. It protects the vehicle and the people who travel in it. People assume that the brake system needs hardly any maintenance or no maintenance at all, but this is not true. The brakes should be checked time to time and its components replaced, when needed. Service centers and car dealers helps the customers to keep their cars in top condition. According to reviews, brake repair in el cajon is highly recommended and rated among the best.  Their expertise in finding the fault and repairing it is commendable.

The car owner should refer the owner’s manual to keep a close track on the brake checks.  Brake system should be inspected every once a year. Brake pads should be checked and if need be, replaced after every twelve thousand miles. It should be replaced when the lining has worn out to less than one eighth inch or less or after the car has run for more than twenty five thousand miles. Brake fluid should also be replaced after the car has run for twenty five thousand miles. Some other indicators for a thorough brake check are mentioned below.

Signs that reveal a car’s brakes need attention

Brakes should be repaired if the warning light of the brake system starts to glow. This indicates that the brake system is not functioning. The driver should immediately get the brakes inspected by a brake expert technician.

Squeaking noise when brakes are applied- This is due to the friction from brake lining.

Grinding noise- This is due to worn out brake pads.

If the vehicle takes longer time to stop after applying brakes.

There is no grip felt on the brake pedal when braking.

The brake fluid starts leaking.

Car starts pulling towards the right or the left side, when brakes are applied.

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The passengers get burning smell when driving.

The steering wheel starts vibrating or shaking.

The brake pedal lowers down.

Excess pressure has to be applied at the brake pedal while braking.

Car jerks or bounces when sharp brakes are applied.

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