How To Keep Your Classic Motorcycle Away From Rusting?

When it comes to owning a vintage motorcycle, one of the most important things that owners must be wary of is rust. It is the one thing that can cut your beloved crotch rocket into dust in just over a few years. Be it a Harley, a BSA or Triumph, motorcycle owners need to make sure that they are doing all they can to keep their classic babies away from rusting.

Cases of great looking classic bikes reduced to dust are common. Even if the owner kept it in its prime by ordering original spares from sites like If proper care is not taken, results will be devastating, to say the least.

Here are a few handy tips for all you motorcycle lovers who own classic motorcycles and want to keep them shining for years to come:

Waxing is still the best step forward

Since time immemorial, classic bike collectors and enthusiasts alike, swear by how waxing their beloved two-wheeler(s) has saved them from bearing the sight of their motorcycle wasting away. With that being said, you need to remember that waxing is a time consuming and hard-to-achieve-perfection type of solution.

It means you’d need to make sure that you are doing it right if you are waxing your bike yourself. If you are unsure about your bike waxing skills, it is best that you take your motorcycle to a professional team and get the waxing done by them.

Dehumidification is your best friend after waxing

No matter how secure your motorcycle garage may seem, you need to keep your classic bike under strict surveillance. Dehumidification mechanism should be there in your motorcycle garage.

On top of that, periodic wipe down of your bike, especially during the rainy season is the ways of the wise to keep moisture out of your bike’s hard-to-reach areas.

A quick rinsing and drying every now and then can go a long way

This is probably one of the easiest classic motorcycle caring tips you’d ever come across. Make sure that all metallic surfaces of your classic motorcycle are free from dirt, mud and dust. All of these attract a lot of moisture from the atmosphere which if left uncared can lead to rusting.

Rinse your motorcycle with lukewarm water for best results. Refrain from using detergent or any other cleaning products since it can harm the paint job of your motorcycle.

Use a soft, clean and dry cloth to wipe off remaining dampness from your bike for best results.

There is nothing more deadly than accumulated moisture or the plain and simple water droplet for your classic motorcycle. Be sure to wipe your beloved two-wheeled beauty dry every time you clean it, take it for a spin in the rain or come down after getting drenched in mud. Mud is a mixture of soil, mineral salts and grime which, if left on metallic surfaces of your motorcycle is similar to a death sentence. Be sure to refrain from this habit at all costs. This concludes the post but if you have suggestions of your own, feel free to share them in the comments section below.