How to Successfully Get the Most Out of Your Car Trade-in

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Buying a new car is certainly an exciting prospect. However, stepping into a dealership can be a lot of things. It can be confusing because the options seem endless. It can be stressful when it comes to negotiating. On top of that, there is the issue of what to do with your current car.

To make things easier, it is about time that you consider a trade-in. There are many advantages to trading your car but the most obvious one is you get to pay less in sales tax because the dealer will subtract the trade-in amount from the new car price.

Once you made the decision, here are some tips on how to successfully get the most of trade-in

Stage it

The moment you bring your car to the dealer, they will instantly know whether it is in good shape or not. However, a little effort can go a long way. This means that before taking the car to the dealer, you need to make an effort to thoroughly clean it. Remember that cleaning will reflect how you treat the car as a whole.

This will give you an extra edge. Just like before selling a house, you do your best to stage it so it will look appealing to potential buyers. In the car, you can stage it by getting all the junk out of your vehicle then consider car wash, wax and vacuum. Keep in mind that the dealer will walk around the car and assess the value when you bring it in. While you are it, clean the engine so when the dealer pops the hood, they don’t see any grease and grime.

Fix it

Aside from cleaning, you need to fix things especially small and exterior dings. Your ultimate goal here is to make the car look as new as possible. This is, of course, applicable only to cars with less than 50,000 miles. For cars with more mileage, they tend to go to auction where appearance is not that important.

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Record it

When you acquire a car, you need to keep records and receipts. When you finally decide to trade your vehicle, you have all the records showing the repair work, maintenance and other purchases you made for the car. This is helpful if the dealer tries to question the condition of the car. With your records, you can back up your side.

Research it

Another vital step is to do your homework before you head to used cars in waipahu. If possible, read testimonials and reviews. This will give you an idea about the kind of service a dealer is offering. On top of that, you will also get to know the value of similar vehicles with the same mileage. You should expect that the first offer you get would be low. However, you can counter it by showing your records and your research.

Be ready to leave

Finally, if the deal does not make you happy, you should know that there are plenty of dealerships you can consider. Be ready to leave if you are not satisfied. Do not be pressured into settling for a lower value.