Isuzu D Max A complete review

To start off, the  Isuzu D-Max has been priced at between Rs. 5.99 to Rs. 7.09 lakhs in India and it serves as quite a reasonable buy with the features that it provides. This vehicle has a list of pros and cons balancing each other equally and to know about it, let us go through the points mentioned below:

The list of pros of the Isuzu D-Max is as follows-

  • It has the best build quality in the market and can resist through all the tough and harsh situations.
  • All the variants of this model are very strategically and competitively priced in the market.
  • It is extremely user-friendly and smooth to drive. The body set up is well developed.
  • The interiors are also loved by the customers if compared to the CV Standards, for example, the ergonomics, NVH, air conditioning etc. works great.
  • It has a powerful diesel engine that works great on and off road.
  • It has facilities such as power windows, dead pedal, height-adjustable seats, coat hook, tilt steering etc.

On the other hand, the other list of things that takes place in its con list is as follows:

  • The network dealer of this vehicle is extremely poor. It is very difficult to reach them out considering they’re available only in 6 states.
  • It has only 2 seats whereas other cars in the market built for the same purpose offer rear seats.
  • It is little laid back than the other competitors in the market. The features and built structure is comparatively old whereas others have come up with better models.
  • There is no option of ABS or 4×4 part.
  • This vehicle can be registered only as a commercial vehicle and is not built for other purposes. You will also require a CV driving license for driving this car.
  • There is no proper rear bumper available in this car.

The truck aims at being light and comfortable for businesses that are restricted to small areas and so forth. The Isuzu D-Max, therefore, offers a luxurious design and built at a cheaper rate. The dashboard of this car looks pretty neat. It has all facilities such as climate control, Bluetooth telephony, power mirrors, a multimedia touchscreen with sat-nav and plush seats etc. One drawback is that it doesn’t allow its rear passengers to recline their seats back but on the other hand, the backrest is pretty comfortable. The rear seats are not much comfortable as the front ones but neither cheap as compared to other cars that are used for commercial purpose. It has a 2,499 cc four-cylinder diesel engine. The Isuzu also has managed to keep the pick up of the truck part under control. The suspension set-up is also on the better side, given that it is intended to hold weight on the back and the poor terrain, but it almost passes off as a contemporary SUV. Isuzu Trucks in India also offers a rooftop canopy that is waterproof in order to carry or transport your goods from one place to another quite safely.

To conclude, the Isuzu D-Max is a good and decent choice for a pickup truck. It is quite comparable to the SUV and serves almost the same features. Along with some little cons, the pros are great and it can always be managed.