How to Stop Car Ramps from Sliding

If you want to repair your car at home and stop spending the money on the automobile workshops, then you have so many tools that make your work easier, such as car ramps and it is safer than other tools that do the same work. The best car ramp gives a good clearance to do tasks like changing oil, belt changes, etc.

The car ramp lifts the car from the ground to work under the car. The ramp is the best among the three ways to elevate the cars.

Read the following to know more about the car ramp, types and features, advantages, and how to stop it by sliding.

Types and features of car ramps

There are so many types of car ramps, some of them are used for both loading and unloading, and other ramps let you unload the cars simultaneously at the same time.

Features of the car ramp

Ramps with or without stride support

  • The stride will put little pressure on the car body, and it can be used for any goods transportation.
  • While the unsupported put a lot of pressure on the car body, so it cannot be used for heavier vehicles, but it can be used for easier transport.

Types of the car ramps

There are three types of ramps to lift the cars

  1. Manual Hydraulic ramp

It does not require any electrical connection to lift the car, but it requires two people to lift the cars.

  1. Mechanical jack

It is also a manually used ramp, but it requires less pressure to lift the cars.

  1. Electric ramp

It is easy to control and lift the cars also, but it requires the proper network connection to lift the automobiles.

Advantages of the car ramp

  1. It can move easily to any warehouses.
  2. It is very easy to manage, and you need not have any knowledge to use it.
  3. It is easy to operate, and you need not take any extra care.
  4. It is perfect for working for lifting the card like an automatic ladder.

5 ways to stop the ramps from sliding

The five ways to stop the ramps from sliding are as follows:

  1. Take a conduit tape and stick it at the edge of the ramp. Run it and fold it and then go back to the ramp and attach it to the ramp when it starts to slide down to the ramp.
  2. Keep a wooden piece on the floor at the end of the ramp so that it will stop sliding.
  3. Place a plywood piece on the top and rub the extra plywood and cut the legs of the ramp and place them in the place of legs.


The ramps are very useful for the people who will repair their cars, and it makes your work easier. Instead of going to the warehouse, you can only repair your cars if you have a ramp at your home.